Metal Innovations is a FAA certified repair station with professional technicians who are not only factory trained, but who also have the experience maintaining a multitude of airframes and engines for both airplanes and helicopters. We offer a variety of services ranging from annuals and inspections to performance modifications and engineering services with DER support to generate modifications and damage repairs. We offer consultations and comprehensive quotes, including travel to offsite locations to meet any customers needs. 

Our Mission

Metal Innovations is an aerospace company providing high-quality, cost effective solutions driven by innovation to help reduce downtime for the customers and operators we serve.

Our Guiding Values

Customer Satisfaction: First and foremost we strive to always provide quality products and services that meet all our customers needs. 

Quality Over Everything: To hold all levels of employees to the highest of standards. To ensure that nothing less than excellent service and accountability is being provided to our customers. 

Make an Investment: We believe in giving all our employees the opportunity to grow and learn the necessary skills needed to be successful here and in the future. 



At Metal Innovations, Inc. we believe in treating everyone like family. Working with us will include continuous, open communication from the first moment of contact. The whole process for any job starts with communication with our Project Estimator. From there our Project Estimator begins coordination with our Operations Manager, Quality Manager and sometimes our COO to figure out all items necessary to begin work. Once we have a complete picture of what you need, we will draw up a quote.


After a quote is agreed upon, we will instantly get started on the next steps. Those steps will proceed as follows;  your part or plane arrives. It will then undergo a Preliminary inspection lead by our top class inspection team, to rule out any hidden damage. Next, our team will once again touch base making sure all parties involved are up to speed and on the same page before beginning work.  At this stage we will start part procurement if needed, and/or coordinating services needing to be performed. We aim to provide you with full transparency at every step of the project.


Our talented team of Aircraft Technicians and extraordinary team of Inspectors at this step of the project, get to work. Working tirelessly till the project is complete. In our shop we only use FAA, PMA and STC approved parts. To deliver you, the customer, the absolute best finished product possible. At every step of the process, work is performed by an experienced Technician and inspected and approved by an Inspector. Ensuring that everything is done in accordance to Airworthiness Standards.


Once the project is finalized we begin the closing process.  Making sure we have reviewed and completed all necessary steps to ensure only the best quality of work. At the end of the project you will receive a Work Order packet outlining all work performed, materials used, and paperwork showing airworthiness. For example, this could be a FAA 8130 Authorized Release Certificate, CofC or Logbook Entry for Aircraft Repair depending on the project. In the end we deliver you  exactly what you requested and expected, within budget and on time to get you back up in the air and flying!

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Premium Service

Repair. Maintenance. Engineering. Manufacturing. Paint. Welding.

For more information about who we are or our capabilties listed please contact us. Our team a MII is here to answer any and all questions. 


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