SEP 24 2011

Metal Innovations Featured in Cessna Magazine

Metal Innovations Helps you Turbo Charge a Cessna 185

Published in Cessna Magazine
September Issue 2011
by: Dagmar Kinne

Aurora, OR - Many pilots enjoy a greater margin of safety, get out of high mountain lakes, fly off the glaciers, and fly up and over obstructions with the manually controlled turbonormalizer manufac- tured by Metal Innovations.

Metal Innovations purchased the old Turbo Tech STC #SA1750NM in 2007. The orig- inal STC from Turbo Tech was first issued in 1983 and had been amended a couple times before Metal Innovations purchased it. Many customers have asked Metal Inno- vations to resurrect this turbo system, be- cause it had a manual waste gate control. The vernier-style control allows smooth, small inputs, and the turbocharger can be turned on or off or set to anything in be- tween at the pilot’s discretion. This is very helpful for floatplane and amphibian operations; the turbo system gives a pilot the power needed to get out of the water at higher-altitude lakes or up on a glacier with a skiplane. After getting airborne and clearing all obstacles, one can often go without turbo. Going fast is not the objec- tive. Using the turbo system to go high and fast is a little bit different story.

After studying the brittle and yellow paper drawings, Metal Innovations went to work and bought an IO-520D engine to acquire the pick-up points of the exhaust in three-dimensional space. All parts were modeled using 3-D software and assem- bled virtually before the company began manufacturing parts. A different design and relocation of the turbo assembly al- lowed parts to be made by using bending techniques for the pipes rather than weld- ing the pipe sections together. This process resulted in less material, an increase in exhaust flow and intake flow, more power, and more efficiency.

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