Metal Innovations Equipment

Our shop is equipped to complete repairs that result from a wide range of causes, including accidents, storm damage and normal wear and tear. We also handle requests for the engineering and manufacture for out of service parts and custom modifications. To effectively complete repairs, our technicians rely on state-of-the-art equipment and years of experience with traditional manufacturing and finishing tools.

Pneumatic Shrinker/Stretcher

Our Pneumatic Shrinker / Stretcher is useful for fabricating metal and restoration of aircraft panels and any other large areas of metal. Our shop includes 6 inch and 12 inch throat units with multiple jaw styles.

English Wheel

Some repairs go beyond what can be done with computer. The English Wheel is one of the tools that our shop technicians use to create the necessary geometries necessary for certain repairs. Our English Wheel has a 48” throat with 6 lower anvil radii wheels.

Clean Room

Our clean room includes a 30' x 35' Air filtration, temperature and humidity control.  Built in cryogenic 6' x 10' Walk-In -10 degree Fahrenheit Freezer, it includes vuilt in pneumatic and vacuum lines.

Press Brake

Our press break is set up exclusively to manufacture aircraft parts and has a 8’ long bed, a 60 ton capacity and includes 60 different dies to accommodate any forming needs your repair might need.

Composite Oven

Our 8' x 8' x 15' class 1 composite oven is used for curing many different types of composite materials and includes a built in vacuum pump with 16 thermocouple channels.