Management Team

Metal Innovations

Our team at MII is fully dedicated to take you through a streamlined process of whatever your manufacturing or repair needs may be.  We invite you to come visit us at the Aurora State Airport and meet team for yourself! You’ll quickly see why each member is a vital part of our amazing team.


Kim Wilmes | CEO

“It was an exciting leap attaining my first FAA Certified Repair Station authorization and going into business with Craig in 1996.  As the certified Women-Owned Business owner and CEO of MII,  I am fortunate to have the opportunity to work with an incredibly talented team of employees.  Our joint efforts have garnered MII’s impeccable reputation in the aviation community and long-term success.”


Craig Wilmes | Accountability Manager

“Kim and I opened the doors of MII in 1996.  As a young man working on the family farm, I was first bit by the aviation bug while watching the crop duster fly wildly over the fields with accuracy and insanity.  20+ years later of aviation experience, I have the great reward of operating an aviation company, working with such a strong team and seeing so many complex projects released from our doors.”


Nathan Angelus | CFO

Nathan Angelus | CFO “I joined the MII team in March 2012.  Although my career didn’t start in the aviation industry, once I switched over in 2007 I was hooked.  The fast paced days, sound of jets flying overhead and working with the dedicated team here at MII has made even the accounting department an enjoyable place to be.”


Mike Sirr | Chief Inspector, Shop Manager and Lead Estimator

"I worked side by side with Craig for several years prior to his co-founding of MII.  It was that time working together that convinced me to leave a stable position for the fledgling MII. With history in the Army and over 25+ years of aviation experience it is rare to come across something I haven’t seen before, and I am not intimidated by any challenge.  With an amazing team we have overcome and conquered many complex projects with great success!  I look forward to the next big project.”


Greg Hastings | Quality Manager

“I am excited to be working at Metal Innovations.  After coming on board in May 2013 with a strong Quality and Manufacturing background, it is great to be part of an active and growing organization in in the aviation industry.  With experience in Semiconductors, Factory Automation, Transportation, Aerospace and Aviation, I have been able to share industry tested skills and ideas which drive continuous improvement to this forward thinking company.”