AUG 1 2017

Metal Innovations Inc. Receives STC Approval for Its Cessna 208 and 208B Caravan Supplemental Inspection Reset Program

Metal Innovations Inc. is proud to announce that they have received Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Supplemental Type Certification (STC) #ST02549SE for its Cessna 208 and 208B Caravan Reset Program. The new Cessna 208 Special Inspection Document (SID) Reset program provides operators a cost-effective solution to mitigate costly downtime brought on by the substantial inspection schedule associated with aging aircraft concerns.



Metal Innovations Inc. Receives STC Approval for Its Cessna 208 and 208B Caravan Supplemental Inspection Reset Program Aurora, OR, July 27, 2017 --( Metal Innovations Inc. is proud to announce that they have received Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) #ST02549SE for its Cessna 208 and 208B Caravan Reset Program.

Cessna maintenance inspection requirements significantly increase at 20,000 hours of total time, and repeat every 5,000 thereafter. These intensive inspections take hundreds of man hours to complete and can cost an operator hundreds of thousands of dollars in maintenance costs and lost revenue due to aircraft downtime. After several years of development, Metal Innovations is pleased to offer FAA Approved STC #ST02549SE for the comprehensive reset of aging Caravan aircraft. The new Cessna 208 Special Inspection Document (SID) Reset program provides operators a cost-effective solution to mitigate costly downtime brought on by the burdensome inspection requirements associated with aging aircraft concerns.

“We continually work toward developing innovative solutions with our primary goals being cost savings and downtime reduction for operators,” said Kim Wilmes, CEO. “We are very excited to offer Caravan customers a cost effective solution for the 20K hour milestone.”

“Much of our 21 years in business has been spent supporting the Caravan Operators for their maintenance and repair needs,” stated Craig Wilmes, COO. “Our extensive experience in the 20k inspections has helped us to develop and offer an incredible Caravan reset STC option.”

Metal Innovations is now accepting slot reservations for the STC #ST02549SE Cessna 208 and 208G Caravan Reset Program. Please contact a representative to schedule your aircraft.

JUL 25 2012

Press Release: Dash 8 Q400 Flap Track Repairs

 "Aerospace repair station is in small company to have FAA approved certification, saving maintenance costs of airplane owners buying new."

Metal Innovations Inc. a Certified Women’s Owned Business announced today that it has achieved FAA certification for approved repairs for all flap tracks pre and post need for the Dash 8 Q400. This certification gives MII the opportunity to repair flap tracks to like new condition for a fraction of the cost of buying new. Attaining certification through the FAA is a rigorous process that can take years to finalize, which make this certification a major accomplishment for the MII team. Flap track repairs will be added to a long list of over 100 proprietary repairs held by MII for the Dash 8 Aircraft including exhaust pipes and shrouds.


MII is a certified repair station (#KW7R756N) located at the Aurora State Airport (KUAO) in a 26,000 square foot facility specializing in major and minor repairs, alterations, and modifications to sheet metal and composite material within the fixed and rotor wing marketplace. MII is a PMA authorized critical parts facility that is capable of manufacturing small parts to large complex assembly projects, utilizing materials of differing specifications.

“Our certifications and capabilities list is strong and growing each year,” says Owner Craig Wilmes, “but being one of the only companies certified for flap track repairs on the Dash 8 Q400 is really exciting.” CEO Kim Wilmes talks about the progression of MII, “We have worked very hard to get where we are today, and want to keep pushing ourselves to innovate and differentiate our product/offering from our competitors.”

To keep the company moving forward MII makes sure all of their employees are up to date with the latest training and certifications. This includes MII’s team of A&P licensed Engineers with years of experience that can tackle any In-House RS-DER repair.

MII was founded by owners Kim and Craig Wilmes in 1996 in a small shop with no employees, and now has grown to be a leader in aerospace parts manufacturing and repairs in the composite and sheet metal aerospace industry. 

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Press Release.

SEP 24 2011

Metal Innovations Featured in Cessna Magazine

Metal Innovations Helps you Turbo Charge a Cessna 185

Published in Cessna Magazine
September Issue 2011
by: Dagmar Kinne

Aurora, OR - Many pilots enjoy a greater margin of safety, get out of high mountain lakes, fly off the glaciers, and fly up and over obstructions with the manually controlled turbonormalizer manufac- tured by Metal Innovations.

Metal Innovations purchased the old Turbo Tech STC #SA1750NM in 2007. The orig- inal STC from Turbo Tech was first issued in 1983 and had been amended a couple times before Metal Innovations purchased it. Many customers have asked Metal Inno- vations to resurrect this turbo system, be- cause it had a manual waste gate control. The vernier-style control allows smooth, small inputs, and the turbocharger can be turned on or off or set to anything in be- tween at the pilot’s discretion. This is very helpful for floatplane and amphibian operations; the turbo system gives a pilot the power needed to get out of the water at higher-altitude lakes or up on a glacier with a skiplane. After getting airborne and clearing all obstacles, one can often go without turbo. Going fast is not the objec- tive. Using the turbo system to go high and fast is a little bit different story.

After studying the brittle and yellow paper drawings, Metal Innovations went to work and bought an IO-520D engine to acquire the pick-up points of the exhaust in three-dimensional space. All parts were modeled using 3-D software and assem- bled virtually before the company began manufacturing parts. A different design and relocation of the turbo assembly al- lowed parts to be made by using bending techniques for the pipes rather than weld- ing the pipe sections together. This process resulted in less material, an increase in exhaust flow and intake flow, more power, and more efficiency.

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Cessna Magazine Sept. 2011

JAN 30 2011

Cessna Authorized Service Station

Cessna Service Center

Aurora, OR – Metal Innovations is an authorized Cessna service center, offering a full range of repairs for Cessna aircraft, including wing repair, landing gear overhaul, line maintenance and all other structural and body repairs.

About Metal Innovations:
Our shop opened in 1996 and we have been growing ever since. Our team is certified for a wide range of Cessna and other aircraft. You can learn more about the kinds of aircraft we are certified to repair here.

For more information, or to receive an estimate for any aircraft repair needs that you might have, please contact us here.

JAN 30 2011

Aurora Jet Center

Acquisition of the Aurora Jet Center

Aurora, OR- Metal Innovations Inc. is happy to announce the new acquisition of the Aurora Jet Center.

The Aurora Jet Center serves as the FBO center to the Aurora Airport (KUAO). We are located just 22 miles south of downtown Portland and are a member of the World Fuel Air Elite network.


We provide far more than fuel. A high level of customer care, line service, and attention to the smallest details are why our customers continue to come back. Our facilities are best-in-class. Amenities include conference facilities, showers and laundry, day rooms, separate passenger and pilot facilities, a kitchen, and catering services. Please check us out at

JUN 3 2010

STC for Skycrane Tail Blades

Metal Innovations Completes STC for Skycrane Tail Blades

Metal Innovations
June 3, 2010

After three years of development Metal Innovations Inc. a small woman-owned business, has successfully completed a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) and is in full production under their PMA for a replacement tail rotor blade for all civilian operated Sikorsky and Erickson Air-Crane S-64E/F and CH-54A/B heavy lift helicopters. In addition, they are in the final stages of attaining approvals for a direct replacement tail rotor blade for military operated CH-53D helicopters.

Aurora, OR- Metal Innovations Inc., an FAA Certified Repair Station and PMA holder, was started 14 years ago in a garage and has grown to over 30 employees in 26000 square feet of manufacturing and aircraft hanger facilities. Located at the Aurora State Airport in Oregon, Metal Innovations Inc. is known for providing Corporate, Air carrier, Air Cargo, and Helicopter operators with composite and sheet metal structural repair and parts manufacturing solutions for their most challenging issues.

The completion of the three year long tail rotor blade development and certification process is just the beginning of their move into becoming a internationally recognized blade manufacturing and repair facility. The new metal tail rotor blade is a direct replacement for blades flown on Sikorsky and Erickson Air-Crane.

S-64E/F and CH-53/54 model helicopters whose operators include Erickson Air-Crane, Helicopter Transport Services, Evergreen, Heavy Lift Helicopters, and Siller Brothers. “We have incorporated new design and manufacturing techniques that have resulted in creating a perfectly balanced and incredibly efficient performing blade,” said Craig Wilmes, Co-Owner and Director of Maintenance. Metal Innovations Inc. is also in the process of evaluating the development of a new composite tail rotor blade.

Metal Innovations Inc. also gained FAA approval for the repair of existing S-64E/F and CH-53/54 series heavy lift helicopters tail rotor blades. Their expertise in blade development has given them an edge for repairs, including state of the art balancing and metal bonding procedures. “We are currently building and assembling all parts associated with the new tail rotor blade. Providing quality repair services for our customers’ blades was a logical step,” said CEO Kim Wilmes.

Metal Innovations narrowly missed a bidding opportunity two years ago for a twenty-one blade contract with the Department of Defense. Solicitation number N0038306QF238 was awarded to Sikorsky to the tune of $29 Million Dollars. “Our blades were in development during the last bidding opportunity. Being a small business we were discounted by several of the large players as being unable to complete such a difficult assembly. Well we did it and our blades are flying. We are poised and ready for the next bidding opportunity,” said Craig Wilmes.

Metal Innovations Inc. was recently awarded a new contract for the development and manufacturing of a state of the art composite main rotor blade for the same aircraft. “We are currently working on a cutting edge composite main rotor blade design that will be available in 2013 and will revolutionize the viability of the S-64E/F and CH-54A/B heavy lift helicopters. The new blade will provide operators substantial performance improvement over other available options. It is all about domestic development and manufacturing and keeping U.S. operators competitive by providing superior lower cost options,” said Metal Innovations Inc. CEO, Kim Wilmes.

Metal Innovations Inc. has always prided itself in taking on projects that provide opportunity for both themselves and the over 80 local suppliers that make up their supply chain. As a premier blade manufacturing and repair facility, Wilmes looks forward to the opportunities that this new market will bring to both themselves and their supply chain.

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Metal Innovations Completes STC for Skycrane Tail Blades